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We're Working Day & Night Just For You

Hello, I’m Craig, ‘one’ part of the machine that is 15th Parallel Photography. We’re diligently working on preparing only the best images we have to showcase for your inspiration, relaxation and maybe encouragement, to one day visit the island of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands as well as embark on your own photographic explorations and wanderings.

As we step forward into the new era of Social Media sharing: relating to one another through images and storytelling will become the way people initialize, cultivate and nurture friendships, relationships and perhaps, permanent partnerships along the path that is the “Journey Of Our Lives.” I’m one small gear on this photographic team and together we decided to share our work, good and bad, happy and sad, with all of you. Tragedy, like the setting sun, is part of life.

Soon, if the weather Gods permit, our site will be filled with images linked to the stories and step-by-step instructions that lead to their creation.

We’d like to say thank you for stopping by. Please come back and visit again to see how far we’ve come, and where we’re heading as we jump head long into our future.

Thanks For Coming, Craig-Alisha-Bart-Marley-James&Alexa | August 2018