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Welcome to 15th Parallel Photography. The background image consists of more than 100 images stacked on top of one another over a period of several hours. Each image exposed for mere seconds at time using a tool known as an "intervalometer." This clock, of sorts, counts the time of each shot and the time of delay between each shot before capturing another. And another, until the preset sequence is complete. It is only one of the many images in our collection. The image begs to tell you a grand story. Stories, however, are within the minds of us all. Peer into the colors and hues and write a tale of your own mind's making. Allow yourself to drift away, even if only for a short time.

It is only 'The Beginning' - of a wondrous and colorful voyage across the globe. Not every story will be told within these pages. We'll present you with the imagery to create your own visions. We ask that you come along with us—to embark upon something as mysterious, mystical, miraculous, and maybe, just maybe, as magickal to you as it has been to all of us.

Please feel free to contact 15th Parallel Photography with your questions, comments, likes and dislikes. It's how we learn and gain insight into the minds, feelings and emotions of all. We value these writings greatly—it's how we become better photographers. Enjoy our site and our shared images and work. May your time with us, be relaxing and enjoyable.


15th Parallel Photography

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